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❤️ Why optimizing medication therapy is important | Fahad Rahman (Cofounder and CEO of Lumi Health)
❤️ Why optimizing medication therapy is important | Fahad Rahman (Cofounder and CEO of Lumi Health)

Fahad Rahman is the Co-Founder and CEO of Lumi Health. 99% of Heart Failure (HF) patients are not on optimized medication therapy (ACC stat). Cardiologists tell us getting meds right takes weeks, months, or even years. Our Intelligent Care Platform helps solve this 100x faster. Lumi Health help cardiologists focus on the most urgent and important medication improvement opportunities. Their 91% accurate AI prediction model identifies patient deterioration up to one year in the future. Lumi's Intelligent Care Approach (People and Process) is a clinical operation service that provides clients with non-physician clinicians to guide and deliver transitions, post-acute, and ambulatory care.

In this episode, Fahad talks about:

  • What personal events led him to build Lumi Health

  • What is polypharmacy/combination medication therapy and how it costs the system billions of dollars?

  • How pharmacists can help save the system money and optimize therapy

  • Why strengthening the relationship between the clinician and patient leads to better outcomes

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