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Using AI to augment clinicians | Alexandre Lebrun (CEO at Nabla)

Using AI to augment clinicians | Alexandre Lebrun (CEO at Nabla)

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Alexandre Lebrun is the Co-Founder and CEO of Nabla. Nabla is the developer of Nabla Copilot, the fastest autonomous clinical AI scribe that helps clinicians enjoy care again. AI-powered Nabla Copilot generates a clinical note in seconds from any encounter across all specialties, reducing practitioners’ stress and improving patient care. Try it for free today!

Alex is a pioneer in the AI/ML space. He has had two very successful startups acquired by Nuance (VirtuOz) and Facebook ( respectively. At Facebook, he worked on their AI team developing conversational AI.

In this episode, Alex talks about:

  • Why are they trying to augment not replace clinicians

  • What is Nabla Copilot and how it saves clinicians time

  • What it takes to build and maintain a large language model (LLM) for healthcare

  • How Nabla is using product-led growth (PLG) to grow

  • What questions should a customer ask when evaluating an AI company

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