May 22 • 52M

🧩 Revolutionizing healthcare one stack at a time | Mario Amaro (Founder and CEO of Ease)

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Zain Syed PharmD
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Mario Amaro is the Founder and CEO at Ease. Ease was founded with one goal, to help clinicians become small business owners again so they can finally return to their communities and regain their autonomy.

Ease is designed to make starting a practice as easy as possible. They’ve turned something that was once complex, expensive, and out of reach for so many, into a few minutes to build and launch.

In this episode, Mario talks about:

  • How low-code/no-code solutions are going to revolutionize healthcare

  • Why do we need to give clinicians the power back to own the way they practice

  • How building a “stack” model helps clinicians become agile

  • What is direct to consumer 2.0

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