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💉 Pain management: More complicated than you think | Azlan Tariq (CCO of Medrina)

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Azlan Tariq is Chief Clinical Officer at Medrina. Medrina helps to provide outstanding patient outcomes that add significant value to medical centers by empowering care teams to focus on expanded, individualized rehabilitative care.

Medrina is dedicated to empowering a unified team of physicians and clinicians with the ability to focus on individualized and comprehensive rehabilitative care. They are proud to be the nation's leading physiatry practice, whose board-certified doctors work in concert with primary care physicians, nurses, and therapists at post-acute and acute facilities to optimize a patient’s treatment plan and overall care.

In this episode, Azlan talks about:

  • What is a Physiatrists

  • How he approaches pain management

  • How he’s able to help people all around the country with telehealth

  • What brought him to entrepreneurship

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