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šŸ”¬Innovating healthcare with clinicians | Vipul Kella (CEO & Co-Founder of Curato Health)

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Vipul KellaĀ is the CEO and CO-Founder atĀ Curato Health. Curato Health is on a mission to provide healthcare organizations with actionable insights, value-driving solutions, and access to a curated set of organization-transforming innovations. With deep industry expertise and high-touch communication, we maximize our client success via strategic growth, operations innovations, and financial optimization.

In this episode, Vipul talks about:

  • Why clinicians should be at the center of all healthcare innovation

  • How to set up a culture of innovation in healthcare

  • Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) and Why itā€™s so important

  • How misaligned incentives donā€™t lead to better outcomes.

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