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How to get people to use your platform | Nick Neral (Director of Marketplace at Healthie)

How to get people to use your platform | Nick Neral (Director of Marketplace at Healthie)


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Nick Neral

Nick Neral is Director of Marketplace at Healthie. Healthie is a SaaS company that offers infrastructure for virtual-first healthcare companies to launch & scale provider services. They work with digital health companies dedicated to modernizing the healthcare experience and improving care outcomes.

Healthie makes it easy to streamline operations and build longitudinal relationships with clients. Their software provides a turnkey solution for innovative companies to launch provider services, and our API prevents D2C Healthcare companies from having to re-create core healthcare infrastructure, including EHR, scheduling and client engagement.

In this episode, Nick talks about:

  • What brought him to healthtech

  • How his sales background helped him

  • His personal startup journey

  • The difference in going from 0-1 then from 1-100 in your startup

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