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Finding your way in digital health as a clinician | Anish Desai (Hospitalist and Advisor)

Finding your way in digital health as a clinician | Anish Desai (Hospitalist and Advisor)

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Anish Desai is hospitalist and digital health advisor. Anish is a board-certified internal medicine physician and hospitalist. Uniquely attuned to inpatient care settings, Anish’s expertise spans quality improvement, reducing hospital-acquired infections, clinic workflow, and efficiency, digital health, remote patient monitoring, devices, formulating supplements, and telehealth. He is most passionate about innovation and utilizing his clinical knowledge to drive the creation of novel technology and software solutions. Anish is a member of several professional societies, including the Society of Hospital Medicine and the American College of Physicians. Widely recognized for his expertise, he also hosts "The Underdog Physician", a podcast focused on mentoring medical professionals, fostering physician entrepreneurship, and recognizing unique ways to serve society.

In this episode, Anish talks about:

  • What he has learned from successful entrepreneurs

  • How does someone find a mentor

  • Will AI replace clinicians?

  • What is he excited about in digital healthcare

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